Outdoor Fireplaces

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A Suburban Landscaping fireplace is a great way to make a statement in any outdoor living space.  It can be a focal point in which to formalize your outdoor living room, or the anchor for a more private setting. You and your guests will all enjoy outdoor dining seated next to a attractive brick or stone fireplace. Even an unused fireplace can get years of enjoyment if properly lit at night. The aesthetics and formality of an outdoor fireplace can be customized for every customer, adding different accent pieces or stone hearths can make a truly unique look in any backyard. In comparison to an outdoor fire pit in the center of a patio, the outdoor fireplace is definitely a space saver.

Start enjoying the luxury of an outdoor fireplace by Suburban Landscaping, call our design team today.

How Much Does An Outdoor Fireplace Cost?

There are several variables that determine the price of a custom fireplace such as size, details, hearth and the materials used. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate, or visit our pricing guide for some approximate prices.

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