Ice Control

Salting & Ice Control Service

Ice on sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots can be a dangerous liability to any type of property. Proper ice control will save your property far more than the cost of the service by avoiding just one slip and fall per season. How ice control works is salting & calcium chloride lower the freezing point of water from a temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit to around 20 degrees, depending upon the salt solution ratio.

Since 1984, Suburban Landscaping has been providing reliable, professional snowplowing and salting services to commercial customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, dry asphalt and concrete for their residents, customers, and vehicular traffic. We offer a myriad of services and plans to fit any situation, service level, and budget. With crews running 24/7 from November through March, our trained crews and managers are ready and responsive to every potential weather system.

Properties Serviced

Suburban Landscaping only services commercial and multi-family properties for snow and ice control. Below is a partial list of the property types we service.

  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Hospitals

    driveway treated with calcium

  • Hotels
  • Industrial Parks 

Calcium Chloride

When concrete sidewalks need to be de-iced, we use calcium chloride to get the job done. While rock salt will damage concrete, calcium chloride is a safe and effective product that does not harm or flake concrete. Calcium chloride also has a lower working temperature than rock salt, making it the better choice when keeping concrete sidewalks clear of ice.

Rock Saltparking lot salt

The industry standard ice melter for asphalt parking lots, driveways, and roadways, rock salt is the most cost effective way to maintain ice free pavement. With huge stock piles of rock salt at the ready, our salting teams run throughout the storm to keep your parking lots free and clear of dangerous icing situations.


If a zero-tolerance ice situation is called for by specs or insurance coverage, then pre-salting before possible icing events are a must. Our crews run 24/7 during the winter months and are ready and able to service your property even before the storm hits.  

Service Plans

Automatic Service: Automatic salting is the best service plan for our clients who require ice free conditions. During an ice storm, snow storm, or after daytime rains when evening temperatures drop, salt trucks are dispatched to inspect all properties scheduled for "automatic salt". Salting is only preformed when ice accumulation is identified at the property, otherwise no salt is applied and no charge is billed. Clients who choose automatic salting are given first slot priority in salting routes.

Upon Request Service: If a property manager, Board, or property owner likes more control over salting and the salting budget, then upon request salting is the service plan for them. Upon request salting is just that, salting is only done upon the request of a pre-authorized individual for a particular property. Salt trucks are dispatched after the call comes in for the salting order.

What Does Ice Control Cost?

The cost for ice control varies each year by product and availability, especially for rock salt. Rock salt is used heavily by the City of Chicago and most municipalities, and they buy in huge quantities (1.4 million tons for Chicago alone) every year that supply can vary from year to year in our local markets. We offer rock salt in two different prices, by the ton and by the pound, depending upon the size of your property. Call for a free estimate on salting and ice control from one of our estimators for an exact price for the season.

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